• The vehicle

  • A clear, lien free Georgia title

  • Your Georgia issued I. D.

  • Active car insurance (Full coverage required for $1,000.00 or more)

  • Active vehicle registration

  • A proof of residency dated within the last 30 days

  • Proof of income (pay stubs or bank statements)

  • Four Personal References with full addresses and phone numbers

  • Extra key(s) for the vehicle

How The Process Works

Our process takes 30 minutes or less.

We ask that you bring your car and all the required items listed above.

Our representative will take pictures of your vehicle and send them to our appraisal department.

You will fill out a pre-application form for your Georgia title pawn while your vehicle is being appraised. We will determine the pawn amount based on the value of your vehicle, income, etc.

Once the offer is sent over, our representative will go over some paper work and explain our process to you.

Once all papers are properly filled out and signed, we will hand you a check and a copy of all paper work. 

Once that is complete, you are free to leave in your vehicle. Tri County Lending Group, Inc. keeps your title and takes it to the local tag office to be places as the lien holder.


In Georgia, title pawns are 30 day transactions, meaning you are supposed to pay off your title pawn in 30 days, but we understand that you may need more time. In this case, you must make a payment that is the interest amount or more on or before your maturity date. 

We will show you payment plans between 2 and 24 months, depending on the amount approved for, that will help you pay off your title pawn as quickly as possible, but also in your budget. Our payment plans are made up by our company representatives. This means that they are not required or available at other title pawn businesses, so you may be stuck paying interest only with our businesses. At Tri County Lending Group, Inc., we are very straight forward about our process and how title pawns truly work. That mindset might not be "good for business," but we want you to get your title pawn paid off as soon as possible and as easy as possible so it doesn't cost you a fortune. 

Once you pay in full, Tri County Title Pawn will release the title back to you, with no lien.

Georgia titles are held electronically so be aware that when you pay off we won't be able to hand you your title right away. Once it is released online, it will be mailed to you within 5-7 business days. 

If you have any other questions, please call 706-420-0066.

More Questions About Title Pawns

What is a Title Pawn?


  • A title pawn is a quick and easy way  to get cash using your vehicle as collateral. Your vehicle must be paid off and you must have your vehicle's lien free title!

Is this a loan or a pawn transaction?


  • It is a title pawn transaction, meaning you have 30 days to pay off or you must 'refinance' for additional pay off time. 


What is a lien-free title?


  • A lien-free title is when the title is in your name and you own it outright, with no loans or judgments against it.


What if someone doesn't have credit or bad credit?


  • Tri County Title Pawn does not check credit history in order to get a title pawn. We are using your vehicle as collateral.


Does the owner of the vehicle have to be present to get the title pawn?


  • Yes. The legal owner(s) of the vehicle must be present with their Georgia issued I.D. If there are two people listed on the title, both must be present. It is illegal to do a title pawn transaction without both parties present.


How long does it take to get my cash?


  • You will receive a check the SAME DAY as you open your title pawn as long as you are approved.


How do I make payments to Tri County Title Pawn?


  • We take cash, money order, or cash deposits into our Pinnacle bank account. You will have to come in and renew the contract every 30 days if you are not paying in full.

  • If you are not able to pay off your title pawn in 30 days, we are happy to come up with a payment plan that fits your budget, but gets you paid off quickly. Once you pay off, you will receive your title. 

Is there penalty fee for early payoff?


  • We are happy when you are able to pay in full early. We will not penalize you!


How can I get my title back?


  • Your title pawn must be paid in full. This includes monthly interest, any late fees (if applied), and principle balance. Once you have paid in full, we will release your title online and it will be mail to you in 5-7 business days.


What if someone is late on their payment?


  • Remember that this is not a loan, but a title pawn contract. It does not require us to give you any extensions or grace periods. It is due on or before the maturity date. Failure to make a payment/pay off on or before your maturity date can result in immediate repossession. We will work with you as much as possible, to a certain extent, but you have to stay in touch with us regarding your account.


Does the vehicle owner have to have car insurance?


  • Yes. Our contract states that you must obtain current car insurance while we have a lien on your title. If something happened to your vehicle without insurance, you would still be responsible for paying the account off.


Customer Notice: A title pawn is a 30 day agreement, meant to be a short term financial solution. However, borrowers often extend these pawns over a period of 3 to 24 months, which can be expensive. Title pawn customers have the option to extend their agreement at the maturity date, on the condition that finance charges have been satisfied for the period.

DISCLOSURE: This is a solicitation for a pawn transaction. This is not a guaranteed offer and requires approval. Amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual pawn amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.