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  • Heni Hajdu

A little Saturday Morning Reflection

Never in a life time was I thinking to own a title loan company. But I knew that i wanted to be my own boss. I wanted to run my own business! I wanted to do all the great things that I have done before to others I worked for, and implement it to my own. It is such a happy feeling to sit here now, look around and feel so appreciative about what we have here! 16 years ago we came with 2 suitcases into this country and with a thousand dollars in our pockets. My husband and I were determined that we will just come for five years, save some money and go back home. Many people said, once you stay here for five years, you won't want to go home. We didn't believe it, we wanted to go home so bad. We missed everyone at home! Our parents our sisters! We had a two year old who came with us to take this amazing journey! We were determined, we will make it work, and we did. Of course we stayed. Right about that 5 year line, the homesicknes went away, we started to feel home and we didn't think that Hungary was the right place for us anymore! 16 years later, after many many years of hard work and excellent work ethic, we were able to live the American dream! We are running two successful business and we are our own bosses! I'm so proud of my husband because of all he had done. He is so strong and determined. We appreciate America and we appreciate all of our customers. We hope you all stay well. God bless!

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