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Eating healthy on a tight budget

When you are on a tight budget, meal planning and healthy cooking has it's challenges. Here is a list of things that can help you stay on that budget and still eat healthy!

` Buy fresh produce when it's in season and freeze it.

`Look for sales first and than plan your menu accordingly.

`Try less expensive cuts of meat.

`Add whole grains and beans. It helps to lower the amount on the meat and still get the protein you need.

`Plan and prep meals ahead. When you had a heck of a day at work and you are tired, you are more likely to drive by and order thgough the window, instead of going home and trying to figure out what to cook. If you have your meal already planned and the meat is already marinated in the fridge, it feels easier to get to cooking.

`Keep your fridge and pantry organized. When you see through what you have at home, you are less likely to buy things you already have.

`Repurpose leftovers. If you don't like eating the same meal twice, twist it up the next day. Make it a cold pasta salad or just add a couple of funky ingredients to it. It is fun and creative. You can't go wrong if you add ingerdients you like.

`Shop at local farmers markets. Comer farmes market is the best. I go there on Saturdays and they have organic fresh fruits and vegetables for the fraction of the price I would pay at the store.

I hope this helped!

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