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Looking at the pros and cons of Title Pawn

If you are looking into title loans, (most of the time) you are under fianancial strain. Supprisingly, this option might be the best one since it is quick to get approved and provides instant cash. If you are contemplating taking this title pawn, you might have a hard time paying your bills this month or Christmas is around the corner, or need money for medical expenses but whatever it may be, it is true that title pawn can be the right source for you.

Depending on your car's value, you can get 50-65% of the vehicle's value. You can get a quick response from home. All you have to do is fill out the online application, and you will get an email back on the estimated amount you can get.

Your credit will not be checked, you will not get denied because of your FICO score. That is because we use your car title as a collateral. You will have to turn over the title deed in the name of the lender, but you get to keep your car and drive it around.

To successfully pay off the loan, we will create a voluntary payment plan that fits your budget. If you pay on time each month, we will lower the interest rate as a reward of your on-time payment. This can save you hundreds of dollars throughout your loan!

Most companies in the Athens area will push the maximum amount of loan on the car and they usually make you take it all out. Don't do it. Just take as much as you need or you'll be paying interest on it unnecessarily.

Tri County Title Loans is the most affordable Title Pawn in the Madison County, GA and Athens, Ga area. Many companies are 12.99% (monthly)and above or if they are under, they will make you buy insurance through them, which will push it above 13% (monthly). If they lower your rates after 3 months, it is becasue it's Georgia law and they probably charged you the max rate. Some companies offer you a lower rate but you have to pay it back in 6 months, which in some cases will leave you with a $400.00 monthly payment. We will lower your rates not becasue of the law, but becase we are here to help you to successfully pay off your loan. Pay on time and we will lower your rates. This is our promise to you.

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