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What If You Are Unable to Pay Off Your Title Loan After 30 Days?

Since your vehicle is used as collateral for your loan, it can be taken by the lender and sold to recover the loan amount. BUT, at Tri County that is a last resort. We don't want you "walking"! There are a couple options for paying back a title loan. First, you can pay the accrued interest and renew your loan for another month. This is known as a "rollover". You can keep rolling the loan over again and again for as many months as you want, however; this can become a very expensive option as your interest continues to accrue.

We don't want a title loan to become a hardship for our customers, so we offer a second option - a payment plan. We can work out a customized plan based on your particular situation.

Yes, we are in the business to make money but we also want to do RIGHT by our Madison County neighbors. That's why we have these options as well as the lowest interest rates around.

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