• Melanie Ernst

Christmas Break Activities

We all know there are many things to do in the Athens area all year! What about during Christmas break? Well, there's still the usual activities like movies, bowling, skating, jumping, etc. Athens really has a lot to offer to keep the kids busy.

What if most of your budget was spent on Christmas? There are still things to do around Athens. I did a little online research and found several interesting attractions that would be appropriate for this time of year and are FREE!

*Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Sports Museum - at the corner of Lumpkin Street and Pinecrest Drive

*Georgia Museum of Art - 90 Carlton Street

*Georgia Museum of Natural History - in Natural History Building

*Lamar Dodd School of Art Galleries - 270 River Road

*Lyndon House Arts Center - 293 Hoyt Street

*UGA Special Collections Libraries - 300 South Hull Street

So, don't let the kids lay around the whole time they're out of school. Get them out and go to some of these places. You certainly can't find better deals -- they're FREE!!!! Don't tell the kids, but these activities are also educational!

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