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Early 2016 Weather

It looks like things are about to change around here as far as weather is concerned. According to The Weather Channel and NOAA, the current warm weather pattern here in the south will continue until around mid-January. Then we can expect a change. "For the first three months of 2016, NOAA says the best chance of colder-than-normal temperatures lies in the Deep South, from Texas and New Mexico to Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina."

"Meanwhile, a large swath of the western and northern United States, from California into the Pacific Northwest eastward into the Midwest, Great Lakes and Northeast is expected to be warmer than normal, overall."

"NOAA also expects January through March 2016 to trend wetter than usual over much of the southern tier of the nation, from California into the Desert Southwest to the southern and central plains, as well as the Gulf Coast and the Southeast Coast, including Florida. Parts of the Northeast seaboard from the Mid-Atlantic states into southern New England, may also see more precipitation than a normal winter."

"Conversely, a relatively dry winter is expected over parts of the Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies and into the far northern Plains, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley."

Colder and wetter than normal is not my idea of a nice winter.

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