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  • Melanie Ernst

Cupid Has Drawn His Bow

Valentine's Day is upon us! Less than two weeks! I would advise you to at least be thinking of what you'd like to do with your loved one to celebrate! We all know that when we wait til the last minute we'll end up paying more for something that really wasn't our first choice anyway. So be financially responsible and take care of things now.

Do you have to spend a lot of money? NO! The thoughtfulness and effort mean more to me than the amount spent. I would think most women agree!

Ever notice how easy it is for a man to buy for a woman, yet so difficult for a woman to figure out what to get a man? Men can buy jewelry, candy, flowers, cards, even stuffed animals. Women do not have as many options to choose from. Yes, you can get your man a card and maybe some candy. How about flowers or a cute teddy bear? Not!

Let's take another perspective on Valentine's Day. Does it have to be about the money? Here's an idea, you can make it a great day and show your love without breaking the bank. Plan time together doing something you both enjoy. If the weather is nice, like it has been in January, you could have a picnic or go for a hike. If Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, rent a movie and share some popcorn. Give each other massages. Sleep late!

You don't even have to buy cards. Make your own cards or write love letters. Just focus on spending quality time together.

I'd love to hear from our readers if you have any creative ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day, but keep it tasteful.

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