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Can I Take Out A Title Loan Even After Bankruptcy?

YES! YES YOU CAN! That's the beauty of title loans. They're a great choice for someone looking for fast cash and for those with little to no credit.

Vehicle title loans are based on the value of the vehicle. This means that if you have really bad credit or if you just filed bankruptcy then you can still qualify for an auto title loan. In fact, credit doesn't come into play at all when it comes to qualifying for this type of loan. So, no matter what your credit looks like, if you need some quick cash then check out the benefits of an auto title loan.

The first part of the title loan process is to check out the condition of your vehicle and run its VIN number in our computer system to determine the amount we'll be able to loan you. Then we'll go over the interest rate and explain the process and if you accept the terms we'll start the computer finance process. While our staff takes care of this, you'll need to provide us with certain documents and fill out some simple paperwork.

At Tri County Title Loans to qualify you'll need:

*a clear vehicle title

*an approved picture ID (like a driver's license)

*proof of residence (utility bill)

*proof of auto insurance (we will verify with a phone call)

* name, address, and phone number of your employer

*name, address, and phone number of 4 personal references (we will verify with a phone call)

Your vehicle will be used as collateral against your loan in case you default on it. This is to guarantee that the lender will receive repayment in some form or another.

Next, we will work out a monthly payment plan with you. Together, we can determine the best plan for you and how long we will be able to extend this credit to you. The great thing about these loans is the low monthly payments and low interest rates we offer. Some clients make the mistake of trying to pay only the interest due each month. We advise against this as it will end up costing you significantly more than the original loan and you'll never pay off the title.

No matter the reason you need money fast; an auto title loan is a great option. It is available to anyone for whatever reason. It doesn't matter how poor your credit score or if you've filed bankruptcy. This makes these loans one of the most popular quick cash loans offered to the public today.

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