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  • Melanie Ernst

Spring has Sprung!

For homeowners, Spring is normally a time to do some sprucing up, whether in the house, the yard, or both. Now that we've had enough rain to alleviate some of the pollen woes that have been sidelining many folks, you might want to get out and do some yard work. I've seen many people out lately mowing their yards or planting flowers. I'm not one for planting flowers, but I do enjoy cutting grass.

Spring is often a time when folks want to do some house or yard work that might be more in depth than just planting a few flowers or mowing the grass. Often, homeowners choose the springtime to do more involved property upgrades. Maybe you've considered adding a deck or patio. Have you been wanting some professional landscape done? What about a privacy fence or remodeling work on the house?

If you want to do some of these upgrades that cost more than you can afford at this time, never fear. Tri County Title Loans will be glad to help you out! We have the lowest rates in the area and it's an easy process to obtain a title loan. All you need is a clear vehicle title, an approved state ID (like your driver's license), proof of residence, proof of insurance on your vehicle, a list of 4 people who will agree to be your personal references (we need their phone numbers & addresses), and of course, bring the vehicle.

The process usually takes no more than 30 minutes. We'll look over your vehicle, check the mileage, and run the VIN number in our computer program. The program lets us know the average wholesale value and we will then tell you how much we are able to lend. Next, you'll fill out some simple forms while we enter your information into another computer program. Then we'll confirm your insurance and personal references. The next step is to print out some forms for you to sign and then we'll hand you a check.

It really is that simple and our friendly, hometown staff is waiting to serve you. We have two locations for your convenience. One office is located at 560 General Daniel Avenue North, Suite E in Danielsville, GA., 706-420-0066. Our other office is at 1112 Hull Road, Suite B, Athens, GA., 706-548-7966.

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