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  • (3/15/2016)

Wounded Veteran Plans to Open A Restaurant to Inspire and Employee Other Veterans

In 2007, Bobby Henline survived a devastating explosion that killed the rest of the men in his Army vehicle in Iraq. The explosion burned more than 38 percent of his body. "I was in the lead vehicle," Henline recalls. "The only thing I remember is having coffee that morning." Within 72 hours, the staff sergeant was inside the specialized burn unit at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where he began the long, grueling treatment that included amputating part of his left arm.

Now, nine years and 40-plus surgeries later, the 44 year old wants to pay his gratitude forward by opening a restaurant that will employ other veterans and serve the community. "I'm trying to give back," Henline told PEOPLE. "This is a great way to do it, through empowerment and food." Henline plans to hire only veterans to manage and work at the restaurant. All he needs is funding. Henline launched a GoFundMe page in February and has raised more than $40,000. His goal is somewhere between $130,000 - $300,000.

"By accomplishing this, I can set the example to other Veterans dealing with PTSD or other ailments, amputees and burn victims, that you can overcome, persevere and prevail," Henline wrote. "In the military, it is always Lead by Example, so I am stepping up to be the example so others can follow and believe it can be done."

"God kept me alive for a reason. I want to help, and offer other veterans a way to support themselves and their families."

Side note by blog poster, Melanie Ernst - What a hero! God Bless You, Bobby Henline, for your service to our country and your desire to help your fellow brothers!

I do have to say that it embarrasses me as an American that this soldier, who risked his life for his country, is having to resort to raising money to build a restaurant to support himself and other military men and women. The government of the USA should be fully supporting all those who have fought for and protected our country!

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