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South Carolina Teacher Starts 'The Gentleman's Club'

(Here's a positive article whose subject is is close to home. I wish that more teacher's could do this! What an impact on these young "gentlemen"!)

A teacher in South Carolina wanted to do something for young boys who don't have a father in their life. He invites his little scholars to don their Sunday best every Wednesday to meet for "The Gentleman's Club" where they learn life lessons for success.

Raymond Nelson says the motto of the club is "Look good, feel good, do good".

Nelson, who primarily works with at-risk children, said the idea dawned on him after reflecting on his own attendance of a similar group. "I was thinking, maybe if I have the boys dress for success," he told WSMV-TV, "when was the last time you saw someone fighting in a tuxedo?"

He teaches the youngsters how to properly shake hands, make eye contact, and even buys shirts and ties for the kids who can't afford them.

"A lot of my students perform well when they know someone cares about them," said Nelson. "They like the reaction of walking up to classrooms and people say 'Oh, you look so nice and handsome,' they just love it."

The Gentleman's Club has been such a hit, School District officials say they want other local schools to begin Gentleman programs in their schools, too.

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