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If You Didn't Know About These 10 Swimming Holes in Georgia, They're A Must Visit

In a recent post, we listed swimming holes in Georgia from a 2015 article by Amanda Northern. Here is a new list and the author says these aren't just places you can swim, but instead these are actual swimming holes.

Waterfalls, creeks, streams, and spring-fed lakes galore. Most of these swimming holes are easy find if you just pop it in the GPS or print out directions ahead of time.

Check out our list of some of the best-of-the-best in swimming holes all located in Georgia:

1. Blue Hole Falls

The High Shoals Trail takes you along to this refreshing waterfall. The swimming hole at the bottom is a nice way to cool off after a hike, but be careful of the currents!

2. Mill Creek

Located near Woodstock, Mill Creek features an exhilarating swimming hole where you can relax on a hot summer day. Bonus points if you can find the rope swing.

3. Dicks Creek Falls

Dicks Creek Falls is a very popular, albeit beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall with many swimming holes. It might take a few twists and turns to get there, but it is well worth it, indeed.

4. Woodall Shoals

This swimming hole is a popular spot on the Chattooga River. Stay downstream when you swim and avoid the strong currents and high water levels. Other than that, Woodall Shoals is revitalizing to say the least.

5. Edge of the World

This is a very popular swimming hole and picnic area. They also have a few water slides and chutes, which drop you off into the pools below. This is a great day trip for the entire family.

6. Banning Mills

This good old fashioned swimming spot is in the middle of a wooded wonderland. Swim at your own risk, and enjoy the enveloping sounds of nature.

7. Sope Creek

Sope Creek is an 11 mile-long stream located in Cobb County. There remains some ruins of the old Sope Creek Mill, if you're feeling adventurous. But perhaps jumping into this creek would be adventurous enough.

8. Poole's Mill

Here's what is cool about Poole's Mill. Not only is there a covered bridge, there also is a rope swing and very few rapids.

9. Rockmart

Here's a fun tidbit of information: There is a small beach in Rockmart where you can indeed swim, however, we have an inside scoop. If you pass the Silver Comet Trail from Thompson's Creek, walk upstream where you will see a well-worn path angling down toward the creek. The main swimming hole is at the bottom of this short path. You're welcome.

10. Sweetwater Creek

This swimming spot is known for having a few rapids, but also being a cool spot to take a dip, or soak your toes after a long hike. Keep an eye on water levels, and don't forget to enjoy!

These swimming holes are truly a great way to stay cool during the upcoming sweltering summer months. Have you visited any of these swimming holes?

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