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  • Melanie Ernst

Insurance: Did you Know?

Did you know that motor vehicle owners and lessees in this state are required to maintain continuous Georgia liability insurance coverage on their vehicles? Did you know that liability covers bodily injury and property damage in accidents that you cause? Did you know that liability insurance only covers the property damage and bodily injury of the other individual(s) involved in an accident? In other words, should you cause an accident your vehicle damage and/or bodily injury expenses will come out of your pocket if liability is the only type of insurance coverage you possess! If you've not recently experienced any bodily injury or vehicle damage, let me assure you that both issues can be extremely expensive. Unless you are independently wealthy, you might want to consider having more than just liability insurance coverage.

Comprehensive and collision insurance added to the mandatory liability policy will protect you and your vehicle as well as any other people or vehicles that may be involved in the case of an accident.

If your car is damaged or destroyed in an accident, collision insurance coverage will typically pay to replace or fix it.

Comprehensive coverage may help protect your car against damages that are not related to collisions, such as:




*natural disasters (hurricane/tornado)

*falling objects

*damage done by animals

*civil disturbance (riot)

If you live in Georgia, you know the damage a deer can do to a car when its hit. Can you afford to have your vehicle repaired if that occurs to you?

To sum up, if you opt for the minimum coverage of liability insurance required by Georgia law, in the case of a collision, other people and vehicles will be protected. That's a good thing! But can you afford to repair or replace your personal vehicle in this event?

Or, if a tornado rips through your yard and causes a tree to smash your car, can you afford to replace your car that you depend on to get you to work every day? If you answered no to the above questions, seriously reconsider your vehicle coverage situation.

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