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Some Tips on School Bus Safety

Madison County schools welcome back students August 5 and so school buses will be back on the road.

"Please be aware of children at bus stops, especially in the early mornings waiting for the bus," said school officials. "Children are not always aware of the dangers around them. So it's up to the community to take that extra step to be cautious during this time of year. Do not pass a school bus. If you are not sure, stop! It's better to be a few minutes late than to injure a child."

Here are some bus-safety reminders for students:

* Never chase the bus. If your child misses the bus, call 706-795-2191 ext. 1411 or ext. 1034. "For the first week, while the schedules are getting worked out, we will send the bus back to get a student," officials said.

* Never walk or have parents drive you to another bus stop.

* Please have all items in your book bag before the bus arrives.

* Wait 12 feet away from traffic in a single-file line for your bus.

* Do not board a bus or exit a bus with headphones in your ears.

Transportation will be at open house to assist with transportation questions.

"We are looking forward to a great year," officials said. "Thank you for your help in keeping our children safe."

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