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Do you spend time on managing your money?

Do you do you spend one day at the beginning of the month to manage all your finances all in once?

Not everyone does the one day thing, but we can see the benefit of batching all the tasks at once. But what about spreading it all out?

How about this?

- Once a week pay all the bills received from the week before then update Quicken, adding in all the credit card charges, checks written...this take maybe about 1 hour.

-Once a month check on the investments to see how they perform. Also update the real estate checking accounts as well as any accounts earning interest or dividends. This would also take about an hour.

-There are some miscellaneous tasks that come up during the month here and there, you can deal with those individual;y. All in all would take about 5 hours a month.

Keep it simple and quick.

What is your process?

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