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6 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips

If you are like most Americans, this has been a busy year and the holidays have come up fast. So, if you have not made your Thanksgiving plans yet, here are 6 last-minute tips to help you save some money.

Tip 1) DIY your decorations.

Homemade decorations can give your home that special feeling that store-bought items just can’t match. Try using beautiful plants and flowers to spice up the dinner table and your entire home.

Tip 2) Start your shopping in your pantry first before going to the grocery store.

If your pantry looks like mine, you’ll never know what you’ll find there. Before you start preparing your Thanksgiving Day meal, dig deep in your pantry. You may be surprised what’s there. And you may find a lot of the ingredients you will need.

Tip 3) Potluck it.

I’m sure you remember Thanksgiving holidays where you spent most of the day preparing and cooking. Well you don’t have to carry the load each year for your entire family. This year, assign others to bring a dish or dessert to help out.

Tip 4) Check out your supermarket’s Facebook page.

Click the “Like” button on your favorite grocers social media pages. Most of them offer special deals and hidden savings for their online followers. You could be rewarded with a pile of coupons that let you save a pile of cash.

Tip 5) Use as many coupons as you can.

When big holidays like Thanksgiving arrive, stores everywhere are pumping out the coupons to get you to shop at their store. Search the local papers and in-store flyers for coupons before you shop.

Tip 6) Think about last year.

Look back at last years Thanksgiving meal and cut out the dish that had the most leftovers. Why keep making a dish that no one will eat? Instead, make more of your most popular dishes from last season.

I hope these tips make your holiday shopping and preparations go smoothly, and save you some cash.

(Picture by 101 Financial LLC )

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