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Need Extra Cash?

If you are in need of extra cash to help you in an emergency, consider a few of these ideas.

Have a garage sale. Whether you call it a garage sale, a yard sale, it's all the turn stuff you don't need into cash. Not only you can make some extra cash, but you clean out your garage of all that junk you've been accumulating all those years. It is easy to raise several hundred dollars with a garage sale. Get together with your neighbors to combine with their unwanted stuff, even better, organize a community yard sale. It is easier to advertise and it brings the neighborhood together as a community.

Sell items on Craigslist or Ebay. Listing on Craigslist are free and easy. It's especially good for bigger items that would need to be hauled away, like appliance and furniture. Ebay has a larger following base but has some listing fees and shipping fees. Your item will sell fast there.

Visit a pawn shop. Pawn shops can quickly appraise your valuable items that you no longer need and will immediately buy them from you.

If you don't have any items for sale or you don't have time to do a garage sale, come in and let us help you with the extra cash you need. Give Tri County Title Pawn a try!

We have an office in Madison County, GA and in Athens, Ga. Our title loan interest rates are the lowest in the area. Please come by or call Tri County Title Pawn at 706-420-0066.

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