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Christmas PANIC!

Did you plan to start your Christmas shopping in July so you could spread out the expense? Did that plan not come to fruition and now the holidays are upon you, but there's no way you can afford the cost of all the gifts at one time? Never Fear! Times like these are what title loans were made for. Come to Tri County Title Loans and let us help you spread some Christmas cheer! Tri County Title Pawn is located in Madison County and Athens, GA.

If you have a lien free title to a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, commercial vehicle, or farm equipment, you can get a title pawn. The application process is simple and quick and you can get the money you need in 30 minutes or less. You even get to keep your vehicle! Along with the title, you need to bring an approved state ID, proof of residence, proof of insurance., the vehicle, and a list of four personal references. If you'd like to speed up the process even more, you can start by using our online form at

Don't worry; we're not part of a chain of lenders who are out to make a profit at your expense. We are a local, independent, family owned business. We'd love for you to join our family so we guarantee that our interest rates are lower than any other title loan companies in this area!

Hope to see you soon and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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