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  • By Philip Wagner

Make a Financial Plan for a Great Christmas

1. Plan now how much you will spend for Christmas, have a clear plan on how you will pay for it and then stick to the plan.

Make mathematical decisions and not emotional ones.

Do you really need to spend as much on gifts as you have in the past?

Christmas spending statistics

  1. In the U.S., $400 billion is spent each year at Christmas time.

  2. 50 percent of people spend more than they can afford.

  3. 40 percent have to use a credit card to cover the cost of Christmas spending.

  4. For 33 percent of people, it will take six months to pay off their Christmas spending.

  5. 20 percent of people will have trouble making mortgage or rent payments in January because of Christmas spending.

  6. Research by Lloyds Insurance in the U.K. found that the average child in the U.K. has an accumulation of toys worth over $1500, and in the U.S. it’s even higher.

  7. Children’s Mutual said that kids are given on average 10 gifts besides what their parents give them.

  8. 40 percent of the toys given in December are broken by March.

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