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The "I really love you Valentine"

Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day that your husbands may not have considered. Unlike many of the gifts you’ve been conditioned to equate with love, This gift won’t cost you any money . In fact, you will reap rewards far beyond your expectations. It’s the gift of financial intimacy with your wife.

How do you give this gift of financial intimacy? Technically, it’s not so much a gift as a restoration of basic marital rights. When you’re a married couple, each of you has the right to know what’s going on financially in the marriage. You’re a legal partnership and partners share financial information.

A financial intimacy valentine will show your wife that she is an equal partner in your marriage. This gift is exceptionally welcomed by wives whose husbands control the marital finances and don’t want their wife messing around in them.

So here’s my idea. Buy your beloved wife the chocolates, flowers and an inexpensive bauble that won’t stretch your joint budget . When you say “I love you’, prove it. Open the financial records and bare all.

Tell your wife that you want her to know everything that’s going on financially in your marriage in case something happens to you. Tell her you don’t want her to be in a financial mess if she finds herself having to cope on her own. Share your password on the computer if your financial records are stored on it.

That’s love. It’s says you’re a team. That’s financial intimacy. In my book, it beats jewelry you bought on credit cards that she’ll be paying off with you long after Valentine’s Day is over.

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