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1. Take a Trip

Is there a vacation you have been putting off that the kids have just been begging to go on? A tax return may be the excuse you need to book that trip!

2. Go Shopping

Have you been keeping an eye on an outfit at the local boutique, but really didn’t have the money to “splurge” on? Maybe the extra money you got back from your tax return will be just what you need to go get that outfit.

3. Make Home Repairs

You know that window in the guest room that has air leaking in around it? Replacing those old windows can save money by reducing the energy wasted if the old ones leak.

4. Go Back to School

Always wanted to further your education? Now might be the time to take that extra step in life. The extra money from your tax return might be what you need to get all signed up for school and pay for the books and supplies needed to get started.

5. Get Fit

The New Year’s Resolution to spend more time working out didn’t last long, did it? You now have a second chance! Use some of your tax return to go join a gym, buy a new bike to get you on some trails, or sign up for a workout program that will encourage you to get to the gym.

If you need some extra funds after you spend your tax return, please come visit us in Danielsville or Athens at Tri County Lending Group.

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