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15 Ways to Stretch a Dollar

Who doesn’t love to save money? Or make your money last longer?

Here are a few tips to help through those tough times.

1. Buy and cook in bulk.

- Use freezer bags to store leftovers to eat later so you don’t have to buy another meal.

2. Make sure you don't use the lights in your home when they are not needed.

- It always feels good to have cheaper utilities bill

3. Make a list before going shopping & stick to it!

4. Create a budget for the week

- $200 or less. Try not to spend more unless it is an emergency

5. Stop mindless/emotional spending.

- Perhaps you don’t need that pair of shoes, or a new TV.

6. Be on the lookout for savings.

- Coupons or bogos.

7. Drink water at restaurants instead of ordering a $2.00 soft drink.

8. Bring your lunch to work/school instead of buying lunch out.

9. Save your change. Every penny counts, literally.

10. Sell your unwanted items

11. Avoid eating out

12. Quit using credit cards

13. Cancel memberships

- If you have any memberships that you no longer use, cancel them!

14. Do a little work for other people

15. Car pool or take public transportation

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