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Top 7 Ideas for Inexpensive Father's Day Gifts

Some of my very favorite Father's Day gifts over the years have not required a lot of money, but they were gifts from the heart. Here are some of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas for Fathers Day that don't cost a lot but have a personal touch.

1. Printable Father's Day Coupon Book

Father's Day Coupon Book.

2. Burma Shave Signs

I love this idea, but I’m a little nostalgic. In the 1950’s, the Burma Shave shaving cream company created small roadside signs placed in order along highways. Each small sign had a line from a four line poem. As you drove along the road, you’d read the poem, and at the end of the four signs was a fifth sign that just said “Burma Shave.” The instructions from are for making the signs that you can put along your street or along the driveway.

3. A Father's Day Screensaver

If your dad likes creative screensavers, this site has about a dozen different screensavers and wallpapers specifically designed for dads. Download one and put it on his computer at home or work. He’ll love it.

4. A Secret Safe

This is a creative idea. From the outside, the jar looks like it just holds nuts and bolts. But inside, it has a place to store valuables. Or it could hold an extra set of car keys and be put on his workbench. It’s pretty easy to make and a clever and inexpensive gift.

5. Mechanic's Pencil Holder

Speaking of work benches, my kids know my pet peeve is never being able to find a pencil when I need to measure or cut something. This pencil holder with some sharpened pencils would be a great gift for a dad who likes building or fixing things around the house.

6. Gift Baskets from your Kitchen

If your dad likes to cook, whether in the kitchen, on the grill or in a dutch oven, a gift basket of cooking supplies would be a welcome and inexpensive gift. You could include things like meat rubs, homemade salsa, barbeque sauce, spices and more.

7. Chef's Apron

One of my favorite Father’s Day gifts from days gone by was a hand painted barbeque apron. There are lots of ideas here; the one my kids made for me had craft-painted outlines of their little hands with the words, “Let’s Give Our Dad a Hand.” I still wear it proudly!

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