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Truth about Title Pawns

Title loans are quick and convenient. More importantly they are often the only form of credit available to those with poor credit. Sure everyone would love a line of credit from the bank at 4% APR, but for many that just is not available.

When an emergency arises - the hot water heater breaks, you need a security deposit for a new appartment, you were sick for a week and your paycheck is short - what are you supposed to do? Unless your credit is decent, or you have an awesome friend will lend you $700 these loans are fast and convenient.

In a perfect world everyone have a $1000 emergency fund and follow Dave Ramsey's teachings, but it is not a perfect world. And so we have title lenders.

We own this company and we are trying to bring change to the title loan industry by charging less, educating customers, and doing business with high morals. We know there are problems in the industry. Hopefully we can be part of the solution!

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