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  • Brittanie Hardman

Trying to Recover from Labor Day?

Did you spend too much over the Labor Day weekend? Was that cookout more expensive than you expected it to be? Well we have a solution for you! Come see us at one of our three locations and get some extra cash.

Tri County Title Pawn Athens

(706) 548-7966

1112 Hull Road Suite #B

Athens, GA 30601

Tri County Title Pawn Danielsville

(706) 420-0066

560 General Daniel Avenue

Danielsville, GA 30633

Tri County Title Pawn Hartwell

(706) 376-4992

51 Carter Street North

Hartwell, GA 30643

Required Items for a pawn:

- Lien Free Title

- Drivers License

- Proof of Residency

(Dated in the last 30 days)

- Proof of Insurance

(Will call to confirm)

- The Vehicle

- The Owner of the Vehicle

- 4 References

- Extra Key

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