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How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

You might not think that you have to do a lot of preparations for your home in the fall because you live in California. However, this can be a great time to get some basic things done around your home. It can also ensure you don’t encounter any issues as it starts to cool down and you prepare for the holidays.

Clean the Gutters

Your gutters have been through a lot over the past several months with all the storms. Now, have the gutters professionally cleaned so that they are free of debris. It will also ensure that there are no issues if you have a lot of leaves dropping on your property.

Clean the Pool

If you have a pool, now is the time you want to clean it thoroughly. You may want to check the filters, as well as consider getting a cover if you don’t plan on using it throughout the fall and winter months.

Have Your HVAC Checked

You may have had the air on all summer long. With the cooler weather coming in, it’s possible that you are going to turn the air conditioning off and open up the windows. Have your HVAC system checked to ensure that all is working properly. Plus, if you decide to turn on the heat, you want to do so with confidence knowing that it will work.

Conduct a Home Check

This is a great time of year to go ahead and replace the batteries within all of your smoke detectors. Check to see if fire extinguishers are still in good condition as well. You may also want to go over fire escape plans with the family and also look for any potential fire hazards. This can include stack of newspapers, magazines, and much more.

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