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  • Kathleen Stibbs

The Importance of Shopping Local

One of the most important things in our world is a strong sense of community. When people are brought together, they can make a change. There are many ways to strengthen our community, and one very easy way is buying local. Whether it’s a restaurant, a boutique, or other shopping places, buying local has many benefits, and a stronger community is only one of them.

Here are five reasons why buying local is better:

1. Local businesses provide a unique community.

When you go out of town, you don’t go to places that you could easily attend in your own city. You want something new and exciting. When your community has a number of local businesses, it makes it different and interesting.

2. Local jobs are created.

When working at a local business, you have the opportunity of higher-paying jobs that chain stores don’t provide. By shopping locally, you provide business for these shops which allow them to employ you and your neighbors at a reasonable salary.

3. Your community becomes more of a destination.

This is similar to having a unique community. When you have interesting local businesses, people are more likely to visit your town/city in order to experience these businesses, which is an advantage for both the shoppers and the sellers.

4. Local businesses know what you want.

When you go into a local business, it’s more likely that the owner and staff will know you by name. They’re able to recommend things you would like and make you feel more at home.

5. It creates a positive impact on your local economy.

Say you spend a $100 at a shop. If it is a local business, 70 percent of that dollar goes towards the local economy, whereas if you shop at a chain store, only 30 percent goes towards it. By shopping local, more of your money is kept in the community.

Now, I am a little biased considering I work at a local business, but when you buy local, you not only support their business, but you contribute to your community in more ways than one. Next time you think about going shopping, consider visiting a local store to show your support for your community.

Tri County Title Pawn Locations:


560 General Daniel Avenue

Danielsville, GA 30633

(706) 420-0066


1112 Hull Road

Athens, GA 30601

(706) 548-7966


51 Carter Street N

Hartwell, GA 30643

(706) 376-4992

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