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  • Brittanie Hardman

5 Football Safety Tip to Keep You Safe on Game Day

Going to a football game can be an exciting experience, whether you’re rooting for your favorite college team or you’re heading to watch the pros play on Sunday. Staying safe before, during and after the game might seem like an afterthought with everything else going on around you, but keeping yourself from being injured (or injuring someone else) will make your game day quite a bit more enjoyable. These six safety tips should help keep you from having your game day turn into a lame day.

Be Mindful of Traffic

As you get close to the stadium, other drivers may try to quickly change lanes or hit their brakes hard if they are not paying attention to the road. While you might be a careful driver, someone else may have their head buried in a cell phone or another distraction.

Stay Courteous in the Stands

While some light taunting may be expected if your team is the home team, try not to go overboard with it. When you are at another team’s stadium, your celebrations should be muted. A random person cheering when 90 percent of the spectators are unhappy can trigger an altercation. Have fun, but be respectful.

Conceal Your Valuables

Do not make yourself a target because of your possessions. Football stadiums are generally not the place for expensive watches or gold chains. When you do have to take out your wallet or purse, keep it quick and try not to let people see any cash.

Know the Location of Emergency Exits

As soon as you find your seat, make a mental note of the emergency exits. If you need to leave quickly, you will already know where to go without scrambling around looking for an elevator or stairs.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time Before and After the Game to Travel

Budgeting time before and after the game to travel means you do not have to try to rush to beat the crowd. On the way there, you will not have to worry about speeding in order to make it to the game on time.

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