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  • Brittanie Hardman

We can help you pay your Ad valorem tax on your new car!

Did you recently purchase a vehicle and not save enough money to cover the Ad Valorem tax? We can help you! In the state of Georgia it is a law to pay the Ad Val tax when you purchase a tag for your new vehicle. We have a very simple process to help you pay that so you can purchase your tag.

1. Come into one of our 3 locations(Danielsville, Athens, or Hartwell) and have your vehicle appraised.

2. We will cut a check and take it and the title to the tag office for you.

3. Once we take the title and paperwork to the tag office, you will be able to purchase the tag for $20 from them.

If you have any questions, please call our office or start your application online!

Danielsville: 706-420-0066

Athens: 706-548-7966

Hartwell: 706-376-4992

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