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6 Ways to Save Money for Spring Break

6 Ways to Save Money for Spring Break

1. Cut Out Unnecessary Spending

Do you find yourself buying Starbucks twice a week? At $4 a drink, that is $8 a week. Start skipping those trips to the coffee shop and put that money back to save.

2. Get a Part Time Job

A part-time job may not seem like much. But that extra money could be used to take a trip to the beach or mountains on Spring Break. Even if it is just babysitting or cleaning a house for one of your friends. That extra money can be put back into savings for your vacation.

3. Keep Your Money Out of Sight

Take all of your credit cards out of your wallet. Only get enough cash out of the bank to make it through the week for necessary things(gas and necessities). If you get extra cash out, make sure you keep it in a safe place so no one can find it.

4. Stick to your Budget

Plan a budget for your vacation. Make sure you keep enough money to pay bills and for any necessities you will need that month.

5. Download Apps to help you stay on track

There is plenty of Apps out there to help you manage your money and stay on track. Download a few and see which one you like best to use for your financial information.

6. Cook your own meals

Eating out can get very expensive. Try going out and buying groceries to cook at home. Maybe even invite friends over and cook together. Everybody can chip in on paying for some of the meal.

If you need some extra money, come visit us at Tri County Lending Group located in Danielsville, Athens, and Hartwell!

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