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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate just how awesome moms are!

It is just around the corner. It is time to start shopping!

If you are anything like me, you probably struggle to find the perfect gift for your mom. She deserves her own island but you can only afford a candle, right? - I feel your pain. It is tough.

My mom does not really care for gifts, but I always feel like she deserves something. She has given me the best life, so I want to give back.

Here are a few ideas for Mother's Day gifts!

1. Flowers

What woman doesn't love flowers? Do they last forever? No, but they're gorgeous! - Make sure you get her favorite kind of flowers and a pretty vase to go along with it. - Hand pick them if you can!

2. Jewelry

Get a necklace or bracelet with all her kids initials on it, their names, or their birthstones. Does she already have one? Could you add to it? Check out places like Pandora for pretty charms that she can add!

3. Massage

Your mother went through pretty intense physical pain bringing you into this world, carrying you everywhere as a child, running around after you, playing with you, etc. A 90+ minute massage will definitely make her day!

4. Hand Written Card

There is just something super special about having a hand written card/letter. It makes it more personal and meaningful. This is super simple and will take about 10 minutes of your time

5. Candles

At the beginning of this, I made a joke regarding getting your mother a candle, but honestly, candles are nice! Most people I know use them. They do make a fantastic gift

6. Detail Her Vehicle

Mothers are busy women, even after all their children are moved out. Being a mom is a full time job. Keeping their car clean is probably the last thing on their list of things to worry about. - It feels good to have a clean vehicle. It's one less mess they have to worry about

7. Clean Her House

If your mom did/does nag you about cleaning your room or the house, today is the perfect day to actually get it done. Even if it is just a little dusting, vacuuming, mopping and straightening up - It will be huge weight lifted off of her shoulders. Are you too lazy to clean? - Hire someone to do it!

8. Home Decor

Now, I've never met a woman who isn't obsessed with home decor. The more the merrier, am I right, ladies? Just make sure it matches the house

9. Cook

It doesn't matter if it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Cook a nice meal for her. Let her relax in the living room while you whip up something in kitchen. If you're a terrible cook, take her out to eat & pay for it yourself.

10. Wine

A good bottle of wine - that'll make happiness for days

11. Quality Time

This is one thing all mothers would prefer to have over anything. No cell phones. No TV. No internet. Just you, your mom, and the rest of the family. Just sit and talk. Have actual conversation. Reminisce on memories.

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