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Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 11, 2015

Need some help with ideas about what to get your husband or Dad for Father’s Day? Here are some ideas I rounded up for you!

1. Croquet set for some backyard family fun.

2. The Apple watch, of course.

3. Bose noise cancelling headphones for business trip flights.

4. I think every guy looks good in these Ray Bans.

5. & 7. A great golf outfit (shirt/ shorts) from Bonobos’ new golf line.

6. A gorgeous new briefcase/ messenger bag.

8. This cool glass that keeps his drink cold while not watering it down.

9. We LOVE our little Bose speaker– you can put it anywhere and get great sound. Comes in lots of colors too.

10. The Nest Thermostat– for the Dad who always complains about how hot/ cold you keep the house. :)

11. I got Andrew into some classic New Balances and now he has two pairs and WILL NOT take them off. Love this new green/grey color.

12. A camo weekender for him (and for you, maybe this awesome stripe tote which I LOVE)

13. This keychain has a few cool mini tools that are handy and also looks great.

14. If he loves the ocean, these small paintings of Nantucket are so fantastic (I bought one on my last trip there).

15. A copy of Judd Apatow’s new book would be welcome for any guy who loves his movies.

16. The Nike Vapor Driver– apparently an awesome one.

17. Craft beer barbeque sauce– need I say more?

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