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  • Amber Goodman

7 Ways to Prepare for Halloween

1. Binge watch so many wary movies you'll think you're living in one.

From Nightmare Before Christmas, to The Shining, to Paranormal Activity, there are so many options to get you in the spooky mood.

2. Get a "flash" tattoo.

Look around at some tattoo shops nearby, because some may be doing a special October deal where you can choose from a sheet of pre-made tattoos and get one for only $31!

3. Get spooked at the nearest haunted house.

What’s better than paying to be chased by a clown with a chainsaw?

4. Decorate!

I mean, it’s totally okay if you started hanging up lights in September, but bring out the pumpkins, the candles and the spider webs!

5. Carve pumpkins.

Once you bring out those pumpkins it’s time to design! And if you’re a college student with no access to a pumpkin patch like me, do exactly what I did freshman year. “Borrow” a mini pumpkin used to decorate dining, borrow a butter knife and attempt to carve the heck out of it.

6. Wear only "spooky" clothing.

This may include and is not limited to, all black attire. This includes, boots, high socks, pants, shirts and sweaters. You may have already been prepared if you own majority black clothing like me.

7. Watch the costume tutorials.

With makeup becoming a blooming trend and more artists are emerging on instagram and Facebook, take a second to appreciate their magical talents that transform them into insane creatures.

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