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The Best Budget Trips for Winter Break

Looking to get out of dodge for winter break? For the college crowd, this can mean anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. But between rent, tuition, books and of course- food- the real questions is where can you afford to getaway to!

Here are the best budget trips for winter break that I would recommend!

Hit The Beach

Forget the stress of finals in the warmth of the golden sunshine! The golden sands of Florida and California beckon you to their pristine shores, and invite you to relax.

Winter is low season in both destinations, which means hotels are more affordable to book than ever. Skate down the boardwalk, fill up on homemade sorbet or enjoy some delicious Mexican or Cuban food.

San Diego has a bunch of holiday events going on, including their annual Parade of Lights on the bayfront, and Balboa Park decked out in holiday cheer. Los Angeles has so much to offer the holiday tourist as well!

Party hard in a tiki-themed cocktail bar or escape inland to one of the many theme parks- Universal Studios, Disneyland, and a bunch of others all within a few miles.

Las Vegas

Adopt the life of a high roller for a few days in Las Vegas! Though the Neon City is known for its excessive spending and gambling, you can still enjoy all the Strip has to offer on a budget.

Breakfast buffets and friendly hostels are a great way to maintain your budget while savoring Vegas’ hottest casinos and nightclubs. Watch the Bellagio Fountain show which goes off every half hour, stroll down Fremont Street, and check out happy hour specials!


Want a white Christmas? Head up to visit the northerly neighbors in Canada! Montreal and Quebec City should be your first stop—both have the charm of the old world with the festive spirit of the new.

Hit the ski slopes, practice your mad snowboarding skills, or have a calm afternoon at the ice rinks, which is free at certain rinks around the city in winter.

Youth hostels are a-plenty and very affordable, around 15 CAD, if you’re traveling on a budget. Plus—good news for the sophomore—the drinking age is 18, so you can sample those classy cocktails you’ve always wanted to try!


Still looking for some sunshine? Take a week or two from your winter holidays to fly down to Mexico! Snorkel and party on the beaches of Cancun or opt for the more easygoing Puerto Vallarta.

For a less crowded destination, Tulum and Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula are great destinations, as they still have a authentic Mexican vibe, Caribbean-like pristine waters and Mayan ruins to explore!

Puerto Rico

For my American friends, enjoy the feel of another country without a passport! Puerto Rico’s San Juan is adorable and colorful, and you can spend hours wandering through the colorful streets of the old city.

Nurture your spirit of adventure in the El Yunque rainforest or the bioluminescent bays just off the coast. Practice your Spanish, and enjoy cheap accommodation and dynamic surf!

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