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Valentine’s Day 2019: Gifts for Him

We know that Valentine’s Day can sometimes put a lot of focus on rewarding the women in our lives, but this time of year can also give us an opportunity to show a whole lot of love for the men as well! Our husbands, brothers, and guy friends not only have our backs with helping us reach for things on the highest shelf, opening stubborn lids, offering a sometimes much-needed second opinion, and just being our best friends.

Tell the men in your life that they’re rock-stars and give the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him to convey your appreciation. We’ve got the perfect presents to let your recipient feel oh-so-special for this love-filled holiday!

Cup o’ Joe On-the-Go

Coffee is probably the best (and most necessary) alarm clock anyone can ever have. Give any special man in your life the gift of better mornings with a portable espresso maker!

Wacaco allows all coffee lovers to take their love for espressos on-the-go. Their portable espresso-maker acts as a tumbler too, making all your coffee needs even more convenient. By grinding their own beans, your recipient can test different blends and roasts to elevate any caffeine experience. Now he never has to worry about waiting for a clunky espresso machine to warm up! Using one of these gadgets is actually quite simple. Just add ground coffee to the filter basket of the Minipresso, add hot water, then unlock the piston and pump out the perfect cup o’ Joe!

Get Grillin’

Outdoor picnics just got a lot more delicious with all the lucky men in our lives! Summer barbecues have always been a favorite pastime for a lot of us, and now you can give them the gift of even more outdoor fun.

This portable barbecue suitcase is the perfect gift for those who love outdoor gatherings as much as we do. Whether your recipient wants to host a barbecue in their backyard patio, the park, by the beach, or in the mountains, a portable grill is the most convenient way to add some flavor to any activity – just unfold the suitcase to get the party started!

Stay Cool

Let’s face it – we’ve all had those mornings where we wake up and feel like the fridge is just a bit too far away from our bed. Sometimes we just want to stay hydrated without having to make that groggy trek to the kitchen!

Make your recipient’s life a little easier with their very own mini fridge! It not only keeps your beverages cool, but it also warms up any food items you decide to store inside – the choice is yours. The Cooluli fits up to six 12-ounce cans, making it portable enough to stow away in smaller spaces or even keep in your car. The possibilities are endless for the lucky men in your life with this nifty pal!

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, we want to go all out when it comes to showing our appreciation for our husbands, boyfriends, and male friends. And of course, they deserve nothing but the best!

If you’re feeling like gifting all those wonderful men in your life with something a bit more personalized to their tastes, send them a whole box of exciting things they’re sure to love! Man Crates offers creative wooden packages with items for every type of fun-loving guy out there. Maybe your man is a self-proclaimed ramen connoisseur, or they just love putting their brain to work and solving puzzles. Trust us, there’s a box for that and more!

A New Member of the Family

As much as we love pets, we don’t mean bringing home a new puppy; we mean helping your recipient start a brand new #PlantsFam!

There’s no doubt that houseplants are all the rage lately, especially the ones that don’t require too much care to thrive beautifully and freshen up any home. If your husband, boyfriend or just-friend enjoys living in a cleaner space, our potted companions work hard to provide a relaxing, rejuvenating atmosphere for those who need it!

When you can’t seem to get your feelings across through words, gifts say it all! Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people we love just how much we love their company, and we think that the perfect present is the best way to send along a sweet message.

And speaking of sweet – whether your man is a fan of plants or flowers, our collection of blooms and greens won’t disappoint this Valentine’s Day. Shop from our collection to bring home to your special loved one on this love-filled day!

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