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4 Ways to Grow a Garden and Save on Food

Grow Your Savings with a Garden

Many individuals have taken money matters into their own hands by clipping coupons, searching for sales, shopping at more than one location to get the most for their money, and even growing their own food.

Gardening can be a huge help in supplementing your food budget. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than buying canned products but much healthier. So, instead of spending more than your budget allows, why not look into growing your own produce?

A garden can provide a variety of delicious fruits, vitamin-filled veggies, and tasty herbs for seasoning, flavor and extra depth. Imagine all the benefits of having a green thumb - not only will you save money, but you will know exactly what food is going into your body.

A preservative and chemical-free diet can provide you and your family with a healthier way of life. While you are getting through your spring cleaning, here are a few helpful pointers to help you grow a garden and save money on your food bill this summer.

Saving the Earth One Step at a Time

Re-purposing items into gardening supplies can certainly contribute to the planet-saving efforts that so many of us support. Think about the empty water bottles piling up, or the milk and egg cartons that could be used again as seed starters.

You can turn your milk carton into a watering can, or plant your herbs in an empty water bottle with the top cut off. There are so many money saving ideas that can also help with your garden, as well as the environment. Get healthy and help in the fight to stop pollution at the same time.

Grab a Beer

A great way to rid your garden of those slimy slugs is to place a small beer-filled bowl in your garden. It may cause the slugs to get a little tipsy on their way to the great beyond, but they will no longer use your garden as a salad bar. It is a cost-effective and chemical-free way to protect the produce you are growing.

Coffee Time

Another way to keep the cost of gardening down and deter a wide variety of pests is to sprinkle used coffee grounds throughout your garden. Simply spread and mix the spent java into your soil to create a safe and cost-effective way to rid your garden of insects. The grounds are also packed with essential nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as a wide range of micro nutrients.

Walk on Eggshells

Keep your soil rich with the essential element calcium by placing broken eggshells around the bases of your plants. Eggshells also act as a natural deterrent to any insects that may have designs on invading your garden.

How Can You Save on Growing Your Garden?

Planting the first round of seeds may cost you a few dollars, but keep in mind how much cash you could potentially save by summer’s end. The health benefits alone are worth the start-up costs, but then again so is the money you will save at the supermarket.

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