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  • Katherine Muniz

10 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day at the Workplace

While Labor Day has unofficially become a marker for the end of the summer and the start to fall, it was established as a federal holiday in 1894 in order to recognize and celebrate the contributions of American workers. Annually observed on the first Monday of each September, Labor Day often signifies a three day weekend for workers, and brings with it an opportunity to rest and relax.

If you’d like to celebrate Labor Day at your workplace, here are a few ways you can get into the spirit and show your appreciation this Labor Day:

  1. Write personal notes of appreciation. Take time out of your schedule to write your employees heartfelt thank you notes. It’s a great way to uniquely thank them for their service and let them know their hard work doesn’t go by unnoticed.

  2. Let your employees get a head start on the weekend. The feeling of excitement before a three day weekend is palpable. Sweeten the pot by announcing that your employees can leave a couple of hours early in celebration of Labor Day. Giving your blessing to get a head start on the holiday will definitely make your employees feel appreciated.

  3. Have the bosses cook for the employees. Turn the hierarchy upside down the day before Labor Day weekend by having management cook for the employees. A barbeque is a great way to let everyone relax, and flipping burgers or hot dogs over a grill is low-key and delicious.

  4. Treat the team to a meal. Whether you’re ordering food for the office or footing the bill for a team trip down the street, offering free meals is a celebratory gesture that will save your employees on cash and fill their tummies with happiness.

  5. Host a potluck. Invite everyone to bring a dish and set aside a chunk of time during the day when the entire team is welcome to eat, relax, and socialize.

  6. Give mini bonuses. If your budget allows it, you can give mini bonuses to top employees or, to share the love between everyone, the entire staff. Bonuses don’t have to be expensive – you can give mini gift cards to Starbucks or offer an extra paid vacation day.

  7. Get silly. If you’d like to give back to your team, come up with fun awards, such as Hardest Worker, Most Company Spirit, Best Team Player, etc. Ask employees to cast their vote and announce the winners on the Friday preceding the weekend. You can thank the winners with a mini bonus, a printed certificate, or a small trophy!

  8. Host a picnic. If you’ve got the green space near your office, use it to your advantage. Have a company outing and spend the afternoon relaxing on the grass and picnic-ing. Make sure to pack food and berverages the whole company will enjoy, as well as games and activities.

  9. Throw an all-white party. If you want to kick the Labor Day weekend off with a bang, throw a festive “all-white” party and ask employees to wear white the preceding Friday before Labor Day. You can offer white foods like vanilla ice creams, cupcakes, etc. or you can choose a more patriotic theme or even a carnival theme.

  10. Bring in treats. Celebrating Labor Day doesn’t have to be a time-consuming affair. Something as simple as bringing in a box of donuts or cupcakes can make the day more special. Set the baked goods in the common area or kitchen, and leave a festive Labor Day note wishing everyone well and thanking them for all their hard work.

Honoring your workforce is just as important today as it was during the peak of the Industrial Revolution, when Labor Day was first celebrated. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more interesting HR articles!

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