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Summer Activities To Do During Rainy Days

So it’s time to call a spade a spade: this summer’s weather has not been the greatest. With spurts of constant rain and thunder storms, it is time to get creative so we can still have an amazing summer even if we are confined to the indoors. Take a look at some of these clever ideas that could brighten up any rainy day!

Great Indoors

This idea could be useful year round, but even more so in the summer because this option will avoid all of the dirt and mud that could trek its way back into the house. By using a flashlight, pillows, chairs, and a few blankets, you can recreate the experience of camping that may be a tad more comfy and clean!

Make Frozen Ice Pops

Homemade frozen ice pops are the perfect way to celebrate the summer season without actually having to be outdoors. If made with juice, these little guys can be on the healthier side and can have a variety of flavors depending on your preferences! The best part? You can have one during the rainy day and then save the rest for when the sun decides to come back out.

Scrap Book of your Favorite Summer Memories

Everyone knows the classic summer favorites: a brisk summer night after spending the day in the sun in a comfy sweat shirt near the campfire. These are memories that you don’t want to be forgotten so now that you have been given the chance to relax for a while indoors, rally together all of the photos of some of your favorite summer days. You can write your favorite quotes and decorate each page with your own drawings!

Indoor S’mores

Ah, s’mores…a classic summer delight that is usually made outdoors by a camp fire. However, even with nasty weather, you can make these treats indoors! All you do is turn on your stove and roast your marshmallows as if you are hanging out by an indoor fire! And do not worry, they still taste just as delicious!

Bubble Bath

This option may be geared toward the Moms and Dads of the household but everyone deserves to have some fun, even on rainy days! If you find the chance, draw yourself a bubble bath and to reflect the summer theme, try and get your hands on ocean-scented soap or mermaid tale bath bombs!

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