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How Do Americans Celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day, often called the Fourth of July, is a public holiday that celebrates the birth of American independence from Britain with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776.

How do Americans celebrate Independence Day? What activities do they participate in? How do they dress? What food do they eat? Find out below!

1. Activities
  • Firework displays

Independence Day firework displays represent the three prominent colors of American flag: red, white, and blue.

In Stockton, fireworks will take place at these spots.

  • Family get-togethers

This day is a chance for family members to reunite and relax.

  • Beach/lake trips

Independence Day is in the summer, so many Americans prefer to be outdoors and often hit a beach or a lake to cool off.

  • Parades

Many towns host Fourth of July parades, which often feature firetrucks, marching bands, and community organizations. If you are in Stockton, there will be a parade at 10 a.m. in downtown, hosted by United Veterans Council of San Joaquin County.

  • Sparklers

Lighting sparklers is a traditional and very fun way to celebrate Independence Day.

2. Outfits

Red, white, and blue.

What to wear to celebrate Independence Day? Any combination of these three colors will work. Some people also wear a Fourth of July makeup.

3. Food
  • BBQ/cookout

Food at a cookout or BBQ is often prepared on a grill and served with cold side dishes like potato salad, fruit, chips, and coleslaw.

  • Hamburgers & hot dogs

America’s most iconic foods, hamburgers and hot dogs are very common in Independence Day meals. There’s even a hot dog competition on this day, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

  • Independence Day cakes

The lovely red, white, and blue colors of the American flag can even be seen on desserts. Usually this is done with sprinkles, a toothpick flag, or fruit decorations.

4. Decorations
  • American flag

The national flag is definitely a must-have on Independence Day.

  • Streamers and Balloons

These vibrant streamers and colorful banners make the party more fabulous!

  • July 4th dining ware

The party looks complete with these July 4th dishes and cups.

July 4th is coming! Let’s celebrate Independence Day together!

website credit: https://www.uopinternational.org/americans-celebrate-independence-day/#

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