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Fall is one of my favorite times of year and definitely one of my favorite seasons for decorating. Now that we have so much more space in our rental home, I am definitely having to fight the urge to buy all the fall things!

I’ve allowed myself to purchase a few fun things for the new place and have done a ton of online browsing. Today I’m going to share my favorite places to shop for fall décor - all of which have affordable items!



I’m a fan of shopping on Amazon for all kinds of everyday household items, but more and more I’m turning to Amazon for decorative items, clothes and more. You can find pretty much anything on Amazon and I like searching by general keywords and then sifting through the items based on photos and reviews. I bought these wooden baskets for flowers last week and I love these battery-operated lanterns and have been thinking about getting a few for our front porch. I also think these bat cut-outs would be perfect for a Halloween party!


Michael’s is a go-to for me for anything holiday related or photo-related. I’ve bought many of our white basic frames here as well as faux flowers and miscellaneous decor for various holidays. This year I bought these fun skull felt coasters to put on our bar for October. I also bought a few bales of hay for our front porch- so cute, but a bit messy!


Target is another great spot for holiday decor at a reasonable price. They have everything from fall wreaths to Halloween welcome mats to scary gag items for a party. I try to limit myself here to one or two small things because it’s super easy to walk in for laundry detergent and leave $200 poorer. Anyone else?! This year I got two cute little “potion” bottles to sit on our bar. I also think this broom would be fun on a front porch:)

Home Goods

Home Goods is a newer love of mine. There’s one in a cute neighborhood about 10 minutes from our old apartment and I love to go there on a Friday night for dinner and a little shopping date with Mark. It’s a fun place to browse because you never know what you’re going to find. They don’t have a website and each store is different- but if there is one close to you I definitely recommend giving yourself an hour or two one day to check it out! I like to get little seasonal decor items, dish towels and sometimes you can really score with a great piece of furniture for a low price.

World Market

My last pick for holiday decor- but not least- is World Market. This store kinda reminds me of Home Goods in that each location is slightly unique and carries different items. But unlike Home Goods, you can shop online for World Market goodies! I think these candle sticks would be great on a table or mantel for Halloween. And how cute would these Jack-O-Lantern candle holders be for a walkway to the house??

Do you love decorating for the fall/ Halloween? If so- let me know your favorite stores in the comments!

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